Passenger Boarding Bridges

Our mission is to provide integrated solutions for boarding passengers in airports by exceeding our customers’ expectations through innovation and superior total quality. Meeting our customers’ specific needs worldwide within a network of local design, production and marketing sites, is our desire.

For most airports, Passenger Boarding Bridges are no longer just a system to enhance passenger comfort on the way from the terminal to the plane, but also a strategic security element. This means that passengers move from the boarding gate in the terminal to their seat on the airplane through a controlled security area. 

Passenger Boarding Bridges from ThyssenKrupp Airport Systems are the outcome of decades of experience in the airport equipment industry. The more than 3,500 units we have installed in airports around the world are proof that the market appreciates our superior quality and technology. 

We have had projects ranging from a single Royal Bridge in Jeddah, to more than 123 bridges in Dubai. Currently, our company has three production facilities located in Mieres, Asturias (Spain), Fort Worth, Texas (USA) and Zhongshan (China). A network of Sales & Services offices are available to closely work together with our clients in all five continents. 

Learn more about our Passenger Boarding Bridges by visiting or by consulting our specialist nearest to you.