Mini machine room elevator

In the field of traction elevators systems with machine rooms for low to high rise buildings, ThyssenKrupp Elevator designers and engineers push their technological creativity to the full potential.
Our high performance elevators whether in geared or gearless applications, from low to high speed or light to heavy duty loads, combine the latest technology with world-renowned manufacturing expertise to achieve a new level of precision, energy efficiency, safety, reliability and excellent ride quality.

ThyssenKrupp Elevator’s systems for high rise buildings are also famous for their versatility, power, smooth acceleration and above all, speed. All of our traction systems utilize advanced control technology with all-digital centralized microprocessor control systems to move a lot of people in amazingly little time.

The compact design of equipment keeps shaft and machine room sizing to a minimum. For low to mid rise products, we can reduce the size of the machine room to the same size of the shaft area. We call this a "mini machine room" solution.

To learn more about mini machine room products we offer across Asia Pacific region, please consult our specialist nearest to you.